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4 locations to help you stay fit over the winter

Thursday January 16th 2014
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1. Wynn Fitness: Unlike larger gyms, Wynn offers a personalized workout experience; this means more one-on-one time with fitness experts. As well, class sizes are smaller and more focused. In addition, Wynn also provides a supportive environment, one that’s accepting of all body types and fitness levels. Hours of operation: Mon – Fri 5am – 10pm. Weekends 8am – 6pm.

2. Yoga Lounge: Reconnect with your spiritual side while improving your overall health and fitness. Yoga Lounge is a full-body experience that provides an alternative to traditional workout regimes. Set in a bright and tranquil studio, Yoga Lounge is beyond relaxing. It’s an atmosphere that cultivates spiritual happiness. Click here to view their class schedule.

3. GoodLife Fitness: Whether you prefer circuit training, free-weights or if you’re more of group fitness type, GoodLife has it all. In an open and friendly environment, GoodLife provides unlimited fitness options. They also encourage their members to set realistic goals and to track their progress over time. Hours of operation: Mon – Fri 5am – 11pm. Weekends 8am – 5pm.

4. Bikram Yoga: Turn up the heat on your personal fitness. Situated in a soothing studio that’s heated to 37 degrees, Bikram puts a twist on traditional yoga. If you’re a yoga enthusiast who’s looking for a challenge or to try something different, Bikram is an excellent choice. It will make you sweat! Click here to view their class schedule.

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