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5 Design Mistakes To Avoid For Condo-Dwellers

Wednesday August 26th 2015
CultureDesignEntertainmentNewsSixty Colborne

Urban living means working with smaller spaces, and with that comes a different set of design rules. Often, what you think you should to do to make a smaller space seem larger, is doing the exact opposite. Here are five tips for creating the most stylish of living spaces when living the condo life.

Maximize your storage space
Yes, there are the usual suspects, like closet storage space, but condo dwellers must be a tad more resourceful. Think under-the-bed storage, over-the-door storage and multi-use furniture pieces like ottomans that can double as an additional shoe closet. For example, if you are tight on places to keep those extra hand towels, think about installing a shelf above your bathroom door. Also, many apartment dwellers fail to make use of vertical space. Buy shelving units that reach up to the ceilings—you maximize storage space, but this floor-to-ceiling shelf also draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Clutter is the enemy
It is important to have conversation pieces and decorative elements that speak to your personality, but there is a fine line between carefully curating pieces and being a hoarder. Put out select pieces that have personality and tie the room together. If you must have more, store it away and rotate out your favourite pieces when you see fit.

Go boldly in the direction of your (colour) dreams
It is a commonly held conception that all white walls give the illusion of a grander space. This is partially true, but it is also deathly boring. Don’t be afraid of colour and bold patterns! Try painting an accent wall behind your headboard or down a hallway in a deep, rich tone. This can create the illusion of depth and it is a perfect backdrop for hanging art. Feeling extra adventurous? Try a textured or patterned wallpaper instead of colour.

Small space does not always equal tiny furniture
When choosing furniture, it is important to buy pieces that fit the scale of the room, however this doesn’t always mean that a tiny living room equals a tiny couch. Sometimes a piece that is too small will only draw attention to the small size of the room. A larger piece, for example a sofa that stretches the length of a wall rather than a two-seater, can make a room seem cozier.

Windows are the eyes to your apartment’s soul
The great thing about condo living is that you are rarely fighting with a giant maple tree for sunlight. To keep a place feeling light and airy, opt for sheer linen or cotton curtains in whites and nudes. This keeps light filtering in and provides a barrier between your changing room and the rest of the downtown skyline. Wish you had more light? Place a large framed mirror on the opposite side of a window. The mirror creates the illusion of more space and will reflect more light in to the room.

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