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Father’s Day Gift Guide for The Cosmopolitan Pop

Wednesday June 10th 2015
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As much of a celebration as it is to honour your dear ol’ dad on June 21st, some father’s dread the holiday of never-ending ties. It’s good to switch it up! Every dad is different, and Father’s Day is not a one-tie-fits-all celebration, especially if your pop has discerning tastes. We’ve rounded up some of our tops pics to surprise your favourite guy in the world.
Coffee Syphon

For the java snob

HARIO Coffee Syphon
Hudson’s Bay Queen Street, 176 Yonge St.

What dad doesn’t love coffee? Well this coffee contraption is not for the man who swears by Folger’s. This coffee syphon is for the man who likes to make a statement. Water heats over an open flame and rises to meet the, no doubt excellent, coffee beans in the upper bowl. Consider it a bit of theatrics to go with your dad’s morning cereal—why not, he’s earned it.

Harrys Shave Kit

For the bearded gentleman

Harry’s Teton Green Shaving Kit
The Drake General Store, 2607 Yonge St.

The brightly coloured handle on this custom razer was inspired by the gear used by mountain climbers. So if dad isn’t going to get around to climbing the Grand Tetons anytime soon, at least he’ll have one cool looking razor designed by guys who did. The kit includes a luxurious foaming shave gel and three razor blades, all in a stylish box. Tres chic.

Elon Musk Book

For the techie

Elon Musk: Inventing The Future
Chapter’s/Indigo, 55 Bloor St. W.

Is your dad fascinated by one of the most exciting minds of our time? In the same vein as the Steve Jobs story, the autobiography opens the curtains behind the life of one of the most fascinating minds of our generation. The book is an engrossing geek-fest for the dad who keeps up with Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX—and perhaps harbors a secret fantasy of one day flying to space in one of Musk’s rockets. A man can dream.



EZ Sunglasses



For the perennially stylish pop

Ermenegildo Zegna Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses
Holt Renfrew, 100 Bloor St.W.


Most of us know what our dad’s style choices are—and in some cases it might concern us. Not to fear, these glasses from Italian label Ermenegildo Zegna are a timeless look on any man, whether he’s a lifetime subscriber to GQ or just in need of a stylish pair of shades. The stylists from Holt Renfrew recommend pairing these shades with another classic—the Dark and Stormy cocktail. Cheers, dad.


For the urban fisherman

Simply Fly Fishing Kit
Patagonia, 500 King St. W.

Perhaps your dad is skipping through the daisy fields of retirement, but there’s only so many rounds of golf a man can play (or is there). This fly fishing kit from Patagonia has everything to get pop started on the zen art of fly fishing. Slip on those waders and get out there and commune with nature! Looking to spend some more time together? Get two! From Toronto’s Humber River to any number of the fishing hot spots in Ontario, there’s a good time to be had for both the fishing novice and enthusiast.



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