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Q & A with Johnson Chou, principal of Johnson Chou Inc.

Monday March 10th 2014

Johnson Chou

(1) What motivated you to pursue a career in design?

Since childhood I was always sketching and painting and it seemed that I was destined to become a visual artist. That was until I discovered design in all its forms: industrial, architectural, interiors and furniture. Design for me became about creating sculpture that was at once beautiful and functional, objects that one can touch, use and engage with. Through form, materials and function an object can reflect the tastes of an individual and have the capacity to define a period in a culture. I found that creating these “functional emblems” was very appealing to me.

(2) What separates Sixty Colborne from other developments along King East?

Good modernist design.

(3) Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in words – the hopes and dreams of our clients. Our role is to distill their ideas and realize them in forms that are visually allusive and further, offer intellectual and emotional levels of experience.

(4) What’s you’re favourite feature of Sixty Colborne?

The outdoor amenity area with the glass pool. The pool will be both a mesmerizing minimalist installation and performance art stage, in which the residents become the actors.

(5) What’s your take on the convergence between architecture and design?

I’ve always believed that architecture and design are inextricably linked and our practice is defined by that notion. As an interdisciplinary design studio it is often necessary to conceptualize in several different disciplines and varying scales at once. We approach our architectural projects with the same level of detail and attention required for our industrial design projects. We have also found that our retail, office and hospitality clients are very concerned about a consistent brand narrative and as a result we often design nearly every aspect of the project, including the graphics, furniture and fixtures.

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